EntertainmentMusicWill The Jersey Shore Girls Settle Their Latest Battle?

Will The Jersey Shore Girls Settle Their Latest Battle?


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Someone please bring out a plate of peace-making bruschetta… because it seems “the girls are at it again.”

Angelina didn’t make it out to the crew’s El Paso family vacation during tonight’s episode, but there was still tacos beef in abundance. Although Ang thought she made “the right decision” to stay put in New Jersey, she felt the repercussions of the latest bout of drama surrounding “the speech that just won’t die keeps on giving.”

“On one side of me, I’m like, maybe I could just see the roommates, talk some things through. On the other side of things, I’m like, these girls are going on Twitter, tweeting sh*t about me leaking a wedding speech when I had nothing to do with it,” she said. “We agreed no social media. They’re believing my husband over me — I’m done,”

Shocked that they would side with Chris in the midst of her divorce, Angelina added that she’s choosing self-preservation over confronting the roommates (for now) — because her nose job high blood pressure doesn’t need the stress.

“This is gonna be my freakin’ year,” she declared. “I’m taking time for my life, I’m taking time for my health, [and] I’m taking time for my happiness.”

Down in the Lone Star State, the girls were still pretty heated (and it wasn’t because of the hot sauce).

“Unfortunately, she decided to sell the speech. We were at our lowest, and Nicole quit while she was f*cking somebody else,” said JWOWW.

Cue Snooki, who once declared she’d “rather cut [her] left tit off” than ever discuss the damn speech again: “Why are we still talking about Angelina? This b*tch ain’t showing up.”

She added that she just wants Ang to “be fully transparent” and tell the truth: “Just say, ‘Listen, I lied. This is what’s happening.’ And we’d be like, ‘Alright, girl, own up to your stuff, and I’ll respect you for that.’ I just feel like there’s always a victim card with Angelina, and she doesn’t need to do that anymore with us. So it’s hard to have that trust with her.”

Regardless of what did or didn’t happen, one thing’s for certain: Just when we thought Jenni, Nicole, Deena, and Angelina were finally solid, it now feels like Jersey Shore mayhem all over again. And Angelina knows she will have to face the fist-pumping music eventually.

Will the girls be able to recover from this one? See what’s next for Angelina and the roommates on Thursday at 8/7c.

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