What Precedents Would Clarence Thomas Overturn Next?

What Precedents Would Clarence Thomas Overturn Next?


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Justice Clarence Thomas voted in the majority in last month’s abortion decision, but he issued a separate, concurring opinion articulating an extreme view that other rights derived from privacy—such as contraception and same-sex intimacy—are not constitutional rights at all. The constitutional-law professor and New Yorker contributor Jeannie Suk Gersen talks with David Remnick about Thomas’s concurrence and how the Justice’s once fringe views are now at the center of the Court’s legal philosophy. Plus, Emily Nussbaum talks with the comedian Hannah Gadsby, and Patricia Marx tries out flotation therapy—formerly known as a sensory-deprivation tank. Her microphone was the only thing that found peace.

What Precedents Would Clarence Thomas Overturn Next?

The Justice was once an outlier for his “outre” legal views. Now, Jeannie Suk Gersen says, he is the heart of a conservative bloc that is only getting started.

The Comedian Hannah Gadsby on “Nanette”

The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum talked with the comedian about her breakout moment, a critique of standup in the form of a standup show called “Nanette.”

Relaxing Is Stressful

“Flotation therapy”—also known as sensory deprivation—is a trendy way to disconnect. But Patricia Marx found that relaxing is just too stressful.

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