South actor Vishal is not joining politics. Taking to Twitter, he shared an official update informing fans that he will concentrate only on movies.

Vishal rubbishes rumours of him joining politics.

Vishal rubbishes rumours of him joining politics.

Actor Vishal has a past connection with politics. In 2017, his nomination was rejected. Again, since the past few days, rumours have been afloat that Vishal is planning to enter politics and would be contesting against Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra Pradesh. The actor, in a recent tweet, rubbished the rumours and said that he only plans to concentrate on films.


Of late, rumours have been rife that actor Vishal will contest elections in Andhra Pradesh. Taking to Twitter, he refused the rumours and wrote, “I have been hearing rumours about my entry into politics in Andhra Pradesh & contesting in Kuppam constituency. I absolutely deny it, not aware of this at all& nobody contacted me about this. I don’t know from where this news surfaced. It’s going to be Movies & Movies for me & there is no intention of entering into Andhra Pradesh politics or contesting against Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu (sic).”

— Vishal (@VishalKOfficial) July 1, 2022


Vishal tried his hand in politics in 2017. His nomination was rejected on the grounds that only eight proposers had validly proposed Vishal’s candidature instead of the mandatory 10. Back then, he had exclusively told that “democracy has been mocked and targeted” adding that he was surprised at the rejection of his nomination. “The rejection was a big surprise to me; my papers were in order. I didn’t forge any signatures. Rules were flouted. I am dejected as democracy has been mocked,” Vishal told us.

Work-wise, Vishal will be next seen in Mark Antony, and is also planning to turn director for the sequel of Thupparivalan.