The Free North Declaration Is an Island of Sanity in a Country Gone Madon November 22, 2021 at 6:55 pm

Commentary “Things don’t add up.” As a lawyer who has been writing, speaking, and litigating against lockdowns and now vaccine mandates these last 20 months, I have heard this sentiment countless times. Ordinary people who are being stripped of their normal lives—their jobs, sports, education, gatherings, travels, and medical services—have told me that the country is lost, that it is time to move their family, or simply that things are not right. They are correct. Something is profoundly rotten in the state of Canada, and it is not just a virus. From the beginning, COVID was primarily dangerous to the elderly, as many respiratory viruses are, and particularly to those who had multiple serious underlying conditions and lived in institutional settings. According to an October report from Statistics Canada, 80 percent of all COVID-related deaths in the first wave occurred in long-term care facilities. For the young and healthy, the …

Lisa Bildy

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