Texas AG Accuses Biden Administration of Creating Border Crisis as Large Migrant Caravan Approaches-US News | The Epoch Times

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has accused the Biden administration of not following federal laws and “inviting” illegal migrants by changing policies meant to discourage them from entering the country. Paxton’s comments come as a migrant caravan with almost 3,000 Haitians and Central Americans reportedly departed Tapachula, Mexico late last week and were heading towards the southern border, according to Mexican news reports and social media. Speaking to Fox News Live, Paxton described the situation as “deja-vu.” “The Biden administration is not doing what they need to do to stop this. As a matter of fact, they’re inviting it,” he said. “The border patrol is frustrated with having to deal with logistics and handling these families.” Paxton said border agents are risking their lives but “are not encouraged to do their jobs … or protect the border. They’re not allowed to have the resources that they need.” Led by Center for Human Dignity …

Naveen Athrappully

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