Tell Us The "Good" Things Tourists Need To Stop...

Tell Us The “Good” Things Tourists Need To Stop Doing When They Visit Your Country


I know you mean well, but…

It’s always important to be respectful of certain customs when traveling, even if they’re different from your own.

Some obvious ones include not wearing certain clothes when entering sacred spaces and not disrespecting cultural cuisine. But I want to hear from you: What are things that are considered “good” in other places but are considered rude or harmful where you live?

Maybe in other countries, tipping is meant to show appreciation to the staff. But in yours, it’s an insult because it’s assumed they aren’t paid a livable wage.

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Or perhaps volunteering isn’t always seen as a selfless act where you’re from. For example, maybe unskilled volunteers traveling to your country to build structures (like wells or homes) is actually very harmful.

volunteers building a house

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The same goes for visiting places like schools or orphanages.

Maybe even making small talk or filling up the silence is fine and appreciated in some places. But where you’re from, it’s completely unnecessary and generally avoided.

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