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Why You Need TikTok in Your Small Business

Published: May 9, 2022 by Small Business Radio Show In Small Business News 0When people ask where they can find me on social media, I say, everywhere except TikTok”. But now I realize that so many small business owners are using videos...

How to Use TikTok for Business

Sure, TikTok offers an entertaining platform where users can spend their extra time laughing at lip-syncing videos and learning from makeup or cooking tutorials. But TikTok can be a valuable resource for small businesses, as well. Brands can promote...

Russian TikTok creators have reportedly been paid to share propaganda

The White House isn't the only one trying to steer discussion of Ukraine on TikTok. Vice News has discovered that Russian TikTok influencers are reportedly being paid to share videos promoting the Putin government's narrative surrounding the invasion. An...

‘Misinformation on TikTok is a whole different beast’: How publishers are tackling the Ukraine-Russia war disinformation problem on TikTok 

Misinformation ricochets around the internet during any world event or political conflict — that’s nothing new — but TikTok poses new challenges, thanks to an algorithm that doesn’t favor breaking news and how it limits users’ interactions with each...

TikTok Suspends New Content And Live Streaming In Russia Because Of “Fake News” Law

A new “fake news” law is being cited by TikTok as the reason it’s suspending new content and live streaming abilities on its platform in Russia, the app announced on Sunday.. TikTok said in its statement that “in light of Russia’s...

TikTok, Binance, Shopee among the most popular apps in SEA: report

We look at the top apps in social, finance, and shopping segments in terms of downloads and MAUs in 2021, as per data.ai report...Read More
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