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Just How Bad is the Labor Shortage for Small Business? New Study Sheds Light

60% of small businesses are facing difficulties in filling open vacancies, as the market challenges of the pandemic continue to bite.The scale of labor shortages within the small business climate in the US was a key finding of Verizon...

Concrete Shortage Affecting Construction Business

At a time when demand for construction is high, a shortage in concrete is having a detrimental impact on the industry.According to a report by Fox Business, with cement supplies drying up, construction companies are facing difficult and expensive...

IT Talent Shortage: How to Put AI Scouting Systems to Work

IT is facing significant talent shortages, and new human resources AI talent recruiting systems are touted as being able to help. How do these systems work, and are they effective? The purpose of artificial intelligence hiring and talent scouting systems...
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Hurricanes, Rangers each bring confidence, promising history into Game 7

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Recent history would say one thing: The Carolina Hurricanes are going to win Game 7 of...
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