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Senate Republicans Push Bill to Ban Biden From Canceling Student Debt

As President Joe Biden signals more actions toward federal student loan debt cancellation, a group of Republican Senators is pushing a bill aimed at preventing him from doing that. The yet-to-be-numbered bill is sponsored by Senate Minority Whip John Thune...

The Senate Approved More Money for Covid Testing. It’s Good News For Businesses

More funding for Covid testing clinics and the like is in the works, and it may be a cost saver for employers looking to get people back into the office.Today, Senate negotiators agreed on a $10 billion spending deal to further fund the...

U.S. Senate approves $50 billion Postal Service relief bill

U.S. Senate approves $50 billion Postal Service relief billRead More
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Hurricanes, Rangers each bring confidence, promising history into Game 7

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Recent history would say one thing: The Carolina Hurricanes are going to win Game 7 of...
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