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Lamenting Musk’s Twitter takeover is to hate the player, not the game

The announcement of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has prompted a wave of despair over the future of this already imperfect platform: people planning to leave Twitter, or worrying about the safety of their data, or wondering if Donald...

Musk’s Starlink is raising prices

It feels like the price of most things has increased lately — that's the rub with inflation. While many Americans who have experienced the rollercoaster of capitalism before have some familiarity with cost instability around staples like food and...
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I Stayed At A 5-Star Boutique Hotel In Palm Springs —And To Be Honest, I Had The Time Of My Life

I went in skeptical, and ended up never wanting to leave. Hello people of the internet — and welcome! I am here today to talk to you about the desert. More specifically, a desert oasis in Southern California also referred to as Palm Springs. Kate Ballis / Getty Images/Image Source In case you aren't familiar,…
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