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American Majority, Not a Republican Majority: Part 1

Commentary This is the first of four columns outlining the potential for a dramatic shift in the American political and governmental system. These columns are dedicated to turning a temporary opportunity into a permanent change that can create a stable...

Majority of UK adults support legal right to disconnect

The introduction of ‘right to disconnect’ legislation to stop employees having to engage in work-related electronic communications outside their normal hours remains popular in the UK By Sebastian Klovig Skelton , Senior reporter Published: 11 Mar 2022 16:44 Six in 10 UK...
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I Stayed At A 5-Star Boutique Hotel In Palm Springs —And To Be Honest, I Had The Time Of My Life

I went in skeptical, and ended up never wanting to leave. Hello people of the internet — and welcome! I am here today to talk to you about the desert. More specifically, a desert oasis in Southern California also referred to as Palm Springs. Kate Ballis / Getty Images/Image Source In case you aren't familiar,…
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