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Zelensky Says Companies Are Supporting Russia’s ‘War Machine’ if They Stay There

Global companies have a critical role to play in isolating Russia and helping Ukraine restore its economy, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Tuesday, addressing The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit in London.“The aggressor has to be isolated. Full,...

The Top 5 Ways Companies Can Retain Top Talent

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Companies can view the Great Resignation as either a devastating blow or eye-opening opportunity. Those choosing the latter need to assess the internal factors they can control in order to position themselves to retain...

Western Companies’ Pullback From Russia Marks End of an Era

In 1990, about 30,000 Russians braved the January frost to line up in Moscow’s Pushkin Square. The payoff for the hourslong wait was the first taste of burgers and fries...

Media companies open new offices to accommodate for growing headcounts and a new phase of the pandemic

With all the talk about companies moving to hybrid workforces and hiring remote workers, it may seem counterintuitive to find that some companies are actually expanding their commercial real estate footprint. But that is what some media organizations are...

Companies at a crossroads

Companies that didn't adapt to the internet's arrival just don't exist anymore. Now we face another inflection point...Read More

Companies that fail at sustainability will soon start to fail at business

Twenty years ago, when the internet was fast becoming integral to the lives of ordinary people, most businesses had to make a choice.They could change what they did or how they did it, often radically. Or they could stick...
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I Stayed At A 5-Star Boutique Hotel In Palm Springs —And To Be Honest, I Had The Time Of My Life

I went in skeptical, and ended up never wanting to leave. Hello people of the internet — and welcome! I am here today to talk to you about the desert. More specifically, a desert oasis in Southern California also referred to as Palm Springs. Kate Ballis / Getty Images/Image Source In case you aren't familiar,…
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