Supreme Court Rules Against Mississippi in Water Fight With Tennessee-US News | The Epoch Times

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Mississippi’s claim that Tennessee was improperly taking water was not correct. The case was filed years ago by Mississippi, which alleged that a Memphis-area utility provider was wrongly pumping groundwater from a portion of the Middle Claiborne Aquifer, which lies beneath eight states. The case “involves a long, continuing, intentional invasion of Mississippi’s sovereignty in violation of the United States Constitution,” Mississippi officials wrote in a 2014 brief. The state asked the court to grant it over $600 million in relief. Tennessee officials disagreed, arguing no state can claim ownership over a “shared, interstate resource” unless such a claim is established by a decree or interstate contract. They wanted the lawsuit dismissed. All nine justices sided with Tennessee. “The court rejects Mississippi’s contention that it has a sovereign ownership right to all water beneath its surface,” Chief Justice John Roberts, a George W. Bush …

Zachary Stieber

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