Supreme Court Rules Against Mississippi in Water Fight With Tennessee-US News | The Epoch Times

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against Mississippi’s claim that Tennessee was improperly taking water. The case was filed years ago by Mississippi, which alleged that a Memphis-area utility provider was wrongly pumping groundwater from a portion of the Middle Claiborne Aquifer, which lies beneath eight states. The case “involves a long, continuing, intentional invasion of Mississippi’s sovereignty in violation of the United States Constitution,” Mississippi officials wrote in a 2014 brief. The state asked the court to grant it over $600 million in relief. Tennessee officials disagreed, arguing no state can claim ownership over a “shared, interstate resource” unless such a claim is established by a decree or interstate contract. They wanted the lawsuit dismissed. All nine justices sided with Tennessee. “The court rejects Mississippi’s contention that it has a sovereign ownership right to all water beneath its surface,” Chief Justice John Roberts, a George W. Bush nominee, wrote (pdf) …

Zachary Stieber

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