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Shanghai Reports 1,541 COVID-19 Cases, 1 Not in Quarantine

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Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of 194 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases this morning, Saturday, May 14.

Of those, 140 were converted from asymptomatic cases, so are not counted as new, leaving a total of 54 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases.

A further 1,487 local asymptomatic cases were also reported.

That makes a total of 1,541 new cases reported, 388 fewer than the 1,929 reported yesterday, Friday, May 13.

One death was also reported in Shanghai, taking the death toll in the current outbreak to 568, with all reported to have had underlying diseases.

Of the 54 new local cases reported today, all 54 tested positive during central quarantine, while 0 tested positive while being screened as a part of risk groups.

Of the 1,487 new asymptomatic cases, 1,486 tested positive during central quarantine, while 1 tested positive while being screened as a part of risk groups.

That makes a total of 1 cases reported outside of central quarantine, 3 fewer than the 4 reported yesterday.

The 1 asymptomatic cases outside of central quarantine were in the following areas:

  • 1 in Chongming District

  • 0 in Baoshan District

  • 0 in Changning District

  • 0 in Fengxian District

  • 0 in Hongkou District

  • 0 in Huangpu District

  • 0 in Jiading District

  • 0 in Jing’an District

  • 0 in Jinshan District

  • 0 in Minhang District

  • 0 in Pudong New Area

  • 0 in Putuo District

  • 0 in Qingpu District

  • 0 in Songjiang District

  • 0 in Xuhui District

  • 0 in Yangpu District

Scan the QR to see today’s addresses reported (in Chinese) by the Shanghai Health Commission, broken down by district:


The Shanghai government has enacted a ‘three areas division’ policy, with areas designated as ‘Locked Down,’ ‘Managed & Controlled’ or ‘Precautionary.’

Click the below link for a breakdown of those three types of designated area…

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[Cover image via NIAID-RML]

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