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Rebel Wilson Isn’t Holding Back . . . About High School and Kung Fu

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Rebel Wilson stars in Netflix’s “Senior Year” portraying a teen who falls into a coma and awakens as an adult dead set on hitting all the high school milestones she missed. Naturally, we had to dig into Wilson’s own time at secondary school, Australia’s Tara Anglican School for Girls. While she had many great experiences, she not only discussed the uniform and dorm policy (hats outside? Must eat dessert with a fork and spoon?!), but also how, like many teens, she felt she should have been more confident — and proud of it!

Wilson wasn’t afraid to admit that she is learning many current must-know topics like mental-health coping skills and financial literacy “from podcasts” — like many of us. Her thoughts about incorporating those subjects into future high school curricula is definitely something that’s been talked about for years.

One US high school tradition Wilson wishes she could’ve had in Australia? Cheerleading! Please enjoy this GIF of Wilson proving she can make faces as good as any high school cheerleader:

We feel psyched for the big game already! Catch all the inspiring words and hilarity in the full video above (including why Wilson wants to star in a kung fu movie), and be sure to check out “Senior Year,” streaming on Netflix now.

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