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Quiz: Try to Guess These 15 Animals by Their Cute Noses

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People can easily identify an animal in a picture; it usually takes just a few seconds. But not everyone can recognize an animal by seeing only part of its body — for example, the nose.

We at Bright Side took the photos of animals we know from schoolbooks and TV shows and only left their noses in the shots. Check how well you know the animals living on this planet.

1. Lion, puma, or house cat?

2. Beaver, chinchilla, or capybara?

3. Alpaca, camel, or donkey?

4. Sea lion, otter, or ferret?

5. Anteater, baby elephant, or tapir?

6. Skunk, raccoon, or badger?

7. Bear, panda, or koala?

8. Horse, moose, or zebra?

9. Doe, goat, or sheep?

10. Lemur, coyote, or wolverine?

11. Dog, fox, or red panda?

12. Guinea pig, hare, or rabbit?

13. Buffalo, yak, or bison?

14. Snake, sea turtle, or lizard?

15. Mink, snow leopard, or arctic fox?

How many animals did you recognize? Which of them gave you a hard time?

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