Progressive Pro-Life Activist Aims to Empower Moderates in the Democratic Party and Stop Abortion Extremism-US News | The Epoch Times

At the beginning of October, a self-proclaimed Democrat liberal atheist founded an organization, Progressive Anti-abortion Uprising (PAAU), which aims to mobilize liberal pro-life activists and to undo the influence of the abortion industry on the Democratic Party. Terrisa Bukovinac, the founder of PAAU, through the organization’s efforts, wants to uphold the progressive values of equality, nonviolence, and non-discrimination and told The Epoch Times that there are many more people like her in the Democratic Party and among progressives who disagree with extreme abortion rights laws that allow abortion up until birth. “We’re also looking to influence Democratic legislators in the House and in the Senate. We want to ultimately affect the DNC [Democrat National Committee] platform and we believe the Democratic Party is just not progressive enough on abortion, that they misrepresent the vast majority of their constituents who want abortion at least more restricted than it is now,” said …

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A Texas House committee is investigating school library books in the wake of a new law that bans the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in public schools. State Rep. Matt Krause, a Republican who chairs the House Committee on General Investigating, wrote on Oct. 25 to the Texas Education […]

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