Party Infighting: Why It’s Worse Among Tories Than Liberalson November 21, 2021 at 6:51 pm

News Analysis As is often seen after a Tory election loss, it didn’t take long after the 2021 election for calls demanding a leadership review to begin, with the latest high-profile request coming from Sen. Denise Batters. Tensions among the Conservatives over the party’s leadership and direction are nothing new. Mutinies and defections have plagued federal conservative parties since the mid-1960s. Dalton Camp led a grassroots campaign calling for a leadership review of Progressive Conservative Leader John Diefenbaker, who was replaced by Robert Stanfield in 1967. Stanfield’s successor, Joe Clark, lost the leadership to Brian Mulroney in 1983, only to regain it in 1998. Prior to that, the Progressive Conservative Party was reduced to two seats in 1993 as the breakoff Bloc Quebecois and ascendant Reform Party finished second and third respectively behind Jean Chretien’s Liberals. This century brought more upheavals. Twelve MPs left the Canadian Alliance in 2001 to …

Lee Harding

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