JPMorgan Named Most Important Bank to Health of Financial System-US News | The Epoch Times

LONDON—JPMorgan Chase has once again been named the world’s most important bank to the health of the wider financial system, according to the latest annual ranking of top lenders by global regulators. The Financial Stability Board (FSB), made up of regulators from G20 countries, published its latest table of the world’s 30 most systemic banks on Tuesday. The 30 lenders are divided between four “buckets” in order of how systemic, international, interconnected and complex they are, with JPMorgan now in a higher bucket than its nearest peers. Last year the bank, which had also been the world’s most systemic lender in 2019, shared the highest bucket with HSBC and Citigroup, but is now alone in the next bucket up, which had been empty. BNP Paribas and Goldman Sachs were also declared more systemic, both moving up one bucket. Being included in the table means having to hold additional capital and …


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