EntertainmentJennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone’s Friendship Is Still Going...

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone’s Friendship Is Still Going Strong


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In case you were wondering, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone’s covetable friendship is still going strong.

On July 31 the Instagram account for Hwa Yuan Szechuan in New York City posted a photo of the pair, who stopped by the Chinese restaurant for dinner. In the pic Lawrence wore a striped button-down shirt over a black T-shirt with jeans and a square crocodile-skin tote (though it may be a vegan look-alike), and Stone opted for an all-black ensemble. Both women screamed casual vibes with their hair pulled back and minimal makeup.

“Hwa Yuan was thrilled to host Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence for dinner,” the restaurant’s social media manager wrote in the caption of the pic. “Chef Tang and the Tang family are big fans of theirs and are honored that they are fans of our restaurant and food. Emma and Jennifer, we hope you enjoyed and come back again soon!”

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone have been open about their bond for many years, participating in multiple joint interviews and public outings. However, both actors have become more private in recent years as they each got married and welcomed children

In a video interview for W magazine back in 2018, Lawrence and Stone opened up about the unique way they met…through a mutual “stalker” (maybe keeping a low profile is for the best?).

“We both had the same stalker. His name was John the Orchestra Guy. He would ‘accidentally’ text us,” Lawrence said at the time. 

Stone was quick to clarify that he wasn’t “really” a stalker: “He was this guy who had a lot of people’s numbers,” she said. “He must’ve worked at a studio or as an agent’s assistant or something. He texted me and said, ‘Hey, Alex—making up a name. I’m running late on my way to the soundstage. Can you warm up the orchestra for me? Make sure the orchestra’s warmed up for me.’ It was always about the orchestra. ‘Can you text me back and let me know you get this? John.’”

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