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How to Mark an Image as a Spoiler on Discord

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If you’re sending a spoiler image to someone on Discord, consider using the spoiler tag so that your recipient needs to click the image to view it and that it doesn’t open directly. You can do this on both your desktop and mobile, and we’ll show you how.

When your recipient receives the image, it will be a blurry image with a spoiler tag on it. When this tag is clicked, the image opens as usual.

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Spoiler an Image in Discord for Mobile

  1. Upload an image in the message composition field.
  2. Before sending, on mobile tap the image and enable “Mark as Spoiler.” On desktop, click the eye icon.
  3. Enter any text you want sent with the image, then send it.

On your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, use the official Discord app to send spoiler images.

To do so, first, launch the Discord app on your phone. In the app, open the chat in which you want to spoiler an image.

In the chat screen’s bottom-left corner, tap the “+” (plus) icon.


From the gallery view that opens, choose the image you’d like to send. Don’t tap the Send button just yet. Instead, tap outside of the image area so you’re back on the chat screen.

Tap your attached photo to open it in full size. Beneath the photo, enable “Mark as Spoiler.” Then tap the Back button.


You’re back on the chat screen. Here, optionally, enter the text to go along with your image. Then tap the Send button to send your photo as a spoiler in your current chat.

Write a message and send the spoiler image.

When your recipient gets the image, they will have to tap or click on the image before they can see it. If they don’t do this, the image won’t open.

A received spoiler image.

And that’s how you ensure your friends don’t end up seeing the spoilers they aren’t supposed to see!

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Send a Photo As a Spoiler in Discord for Desktop and the Web

On your desktop computer, use either the Discord app or Discord for the web to send spoiler attachments.

To do that, first, launch Discord on your machine. Then access the conversation in which you want to attach a spoiler image.

On the chat screen, beside the message box, double-click the “+” (plus) icon.

In your computer’s standard “open” window that launches, navigate to the folder that has your image. Then double-click your image to add it to Discord.

Select a photo.

Back on the conversation window, in your photo’s top-right corner, click the “Spoiler Attachment” (an eye icon) option.

Mark a photo as spoiler.

Discord has now hidden your photo and you now see a “Spoiler” tag. To send this attachment to your recipient, optionally, write your text message. Then press Enter.

Send a photo as a spoiler.

You’re all set.

Did you know you can also use spoiler formatting on Telegram?

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