Google, in Fight Against Record $5 Billion EU Fine, Slams Regulators for Ignoring Apple

As Google attempted to annul a record fine of 4.34 billion euro ($5.1 billion) related to the monopolistic practices of the Android ecosystem, the company censured EU antitrust regulators for disregarding Apple’s key position in the market. “The Commission shut its eyes to the real competitive dynamic in this industry, that between Apple and Android,” Google’s lawyer Meredith Pickford told a panel of five judges at the European General Court (EGC) at the start of a five-day hearing. Google representatives maintained that Android was a “vigorous market disruptor” and a massive success story of competition at work. Google dominates the global mobile operating system market with more than 70 percent of the total share. In 2018, the European Commission had fined the tech giant for thwarting competition and preventing rivals from being able to compete against its wide-ranging ecosystem. Commission lawyer Nicholas Khan dismissed Google’s claim, saying that Apple carried …

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