EntertainmentGamesGames for Change awards Dot's Home 2022 Game of...

Games for Change awards Dot’s Home 2022 Game of the Year


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The Weathered Sweater and Rise-Home Stories Project title exploring US housing inequality for people of color also wins Best Narrative

Last Friday Games for Change announced its 2022 award winners slate and Dot’s Home was named Game of the Year.

The point and click adventure game by Weathered Sweater & Rise-Home Stories Project exploring US housing inequalities for people of color also won Best Narrative as well.

Established in 2004, Games for Change has supported game makers and social innovators to create impact via the intersects of gaming and technology.

Games for Change 2022 award winners representing 14 countries are listed below:

  • Most Innovative – The Vale: Shadow of the Crown (Falling Squirrel)
  • Most Significant Impact- Svoboda 1945: Liberation (Charles Games)
  • Best Student Game – There You Are (Funky Dango)
  • Best Learning Game – Ava (Team Ava)
  • Best XR4C Experience – The Choice (Joanne Popinska)
  • G4C People’s Choice Award, Best Health Game – BeatNic Boulevard (skillsgapp)

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