Florida Governor Pushes For $1 Billion Cut in State Gas and Fuel Taxes-US News | The Epoch Times

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Nov. 22 that he will ask state lawmakers to cut gas and fuel taxes by $1 billion in the upcoming January session of the legislature. DeSantis said that “nothing has pinched people more than these gas prices.” In addition to relief for Floridians via the tax cut, he called on fuel stations to reduce prices by 25 cents per gallon. DeSantis said he is concerned that an increase in salaries and wages will not be enough to cover the rising costs of goods. “Even if you start making more money, if the prices [for goods and fuel] are going up faster than your wages or salary, you’re actually losing money in this inflationary economy,” the governor said. The governor added that he is pushing back on the Biden administration’s “inflationary pressures.” According to AAA, the national average price for regular-grade gasoline on Nov. 22 was $3.41 …

Jannis Falkenstern

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