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Decorating with Sunflowers


The beginning of fall is prime time to switch up your home’s decor. However, you might not be ready to deck out your home with pumpkins just yet. Enter sunflowers, the perfect summer-to-fall decorating staple that will add a touch of happiness to your space. Whether you love using real blooms, artificial ones, or a combination of both, the suggestions below can help you achieve the perfect pre-fall look.

Fresh-cut sunflowers

In most places, sunflowers bloom during summer and fall, making it easier to find bunches of flowers at a local home-and-garden store. However, remember to leave the sunflowers in a sunflower field alone unless the owner permits you to pick them. Once you purchase your sunflowers, there are many ways to highlight them in your home.


Add branches of baby’s breath to your bouquet, and place the flowers in a country-chic tin tub, a trendy Mason jar with a burlap bow, or a timeless glass vase. Cut the stems at an angle, and fill the tub, jar, or vase about three-quarters full with room-temperature water. Be sure to change the water every one to three days to promote longevity and maintain the vibrancy of the petals.

Window boxes

Greet your guests and improve your home’s curb appeal by purchasing window boxes. Fill them with soil, and plant a handful of shorter-variety sunflowers, such as Elf or Suntastic Yellow. Don’t forget to open the window and water them every two days unless it rains.

Floating-flower bowl

For this piece, start by filling a decorative glass bowl halfway with water. Cut the sunflower stems close to the head of each flower, and place them gently into the bowl—the flowers should float. Floating-flower bowls will look elegant on your kitchen table or entryway console table.

Beyond the garden

When decorating with sunflowers, you don’t have to limit your options to the bloom itself. From paintings to pillows to kitchen accents, there are numerous ways you can show your love for the flower.

Artificial sunflowers

If you want your decor to last much longer, you might want to opt for artificial sunflowers, which can look just as great as real ones. Use them to fashion a wreath, make a garland for your fireplace, or create artwork by gluing them onto a canvas.

Sunflower solar lights

Brighten your sidewalk or walkway with these waterproof sunflower solar lights. By day, you’ll see what appears to be a sunflower garden, and by night you’ll see a warm, glowing path in your yard. These lights are also the perfect touch for your fall bonfires!

Sunflower welcome sign

If you’re not ready to craft a sunflower wreath, this welcome sign is just as warm and inviting. Hang it on your front door, in your kitchen, or along an entryway hall for the best look.

Sunflower salt and pepper shakers

The little details in your home are just as important as the statement pieces. That’s why this pair of adorable sunflower salt and pepper shakers is the perfect small but bright addition to your table.

Sunflower kitchen-utensil holder

When was the last time you thought to change your kitchen-utensil holder? This subtle but impactful ceramic version has a hint of bright-yellow petals, which will make just the right subtle statement with any kitchen decor.

While sunflowers aren’t necessarily a year-round decorating staple, you can take advantage of their abundance this month by incorporating them into your home decor.

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