July 30, 2022 | 2:00pm

Cue the theme music.

On Friday, Christine Quinn of “Selling Sunset” fame was spotted pulling up to a Los Angeles gas station in a bright yellow Lamborghini — all while sporting duds that matched the ultra-luxe sports car to a T.

Or should we say … to a B? The yellow-and-black ensemble certainly gave off bumblebee vibes, with the very pointy, Madonna-esque cone bra sewn into Quinn’s midriff-baring shirt only driving that buzzy visual home.

But the look’s tough-as-nails silhouette no less instantly brought to mind biker-inspired garb to boot. To be sure, Namilia, the rookie fashion label based out of Berlin that’s behind the outfit, dubbed its upper and lower components “Yellow Moto Cone Top” and “Yellow Moto Mesh Pants” respectively.

Christine Quinn in Los Angeles
Quinn’s yellow-and-black ensemble, coordinated to twin with her Lamborghini, is certainly buzz-worthy.

Per Namilia’s website, the brand image is one of “REBELS. PROVOCATEURS. DESTROYERS OF FALSE PERCEPTION.”

That’s not a bad cross-pollination branding-wise for Quinn, 33, who has gained some notoriety as of late amid rumors that she had been disinvited from this year’s MTV Awards after publicly accusing “Selling Sunset” producers of manufacturing “fake storylines.

Christine Quinn, Christian Richard
Quinn (left) is known to fans of “Selling Sunset” for her cutthroat approach, sky-high tastes and stinging remarks alike.
©Netflix/Courtesy Everett Colle
Christine Quinn
Christine Quinn is the star on “Selling Sunset.”
©Netflix/Courtesy Everett Colle

The real estate agent — known to “Selling Sunset” fans for her cutthroat approach, sky-high tastes and stinging remarks alike — was also accused by her former co-star and colleague at The Oppenheim Group, Chrishell Stause, of faking a COVID diagnosis to get out of participating in the show’s reunion special, which aired in early May. However, Quinn has emphatically denied this.

One thing’s for sure: Quinn continues to be a busy bee, still hitting the road to promote her just-released book, “How To Be a Boss Bitch,” which is billed as “[p]art prescriptive how-to, part manifesto, part tell-all” that “gives her readers the tools to define their own Boss Bitch style and manifest their own success—without being held back by society’s terms.”