‘Chocolate to Die For’ ice cream recalled over potentially...

‘Chocolate to Die For’ ice cream recalled over potentially deadly allergen


Belfonte Dairy issued an urgent recall for “Chocolate to Die For” ice cream. This recall is of particular importance because the product can literally kill people who are allergic to peanuts.

The ice cream in the recall contains peanuts, but the ingredient is not listed on the product packaging. As a result, people who are sensitive to peanuts might eat the ice cream accidentally. In some cases, allergic reactions to peanuts can be severe and lead to death.

Belfonte Dairy ice cream recall

Belfonte issued the recall for two lots of ice cream after receiving a customer complaint. A buyer discovered that the Chocolate to Die For cartons came in packages that did not list peanuts.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published the related recall press release at this link.

Belfonte sold the ice cream in the recall to customers at Hy-Vee, Cash Saver, Harps, Price Mart, and Heartland Stores. Buyers in the following areas should check their freezers to determine whether they have any recalled ice cream:

  • Kansas City, Missouri Metro Area, including Kansas City, Kansas
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Columbia, Missouri
  • Springfield, Missouri, and surrounding areas

If you’re in any of those regions, you’ll want to look for the following product identifiers:

  • 1.5-Quart Belfonte Ice Cream Flavor, “Chocolate to Die For” with UPC 83057 17049
  • Use by 05/18/24 and Plant Code 29-050
  • Use by 06/08/24 and Plant Code 29-050

The company said no other ice cream products are included in this recall. Furthermore, Belfonte is working with the FDA to investigate the problem.

Peanut allergy symptoms

The Belfonte ice cream recall isn’t the first recall in recent history to follow a mispackaging issue. We’ve witnessed several ice cream recalls for the same reason in the past few months. Some products contained peanuts, while others had other undeclared tree nuts in them.

People who suffer from food allergies can experience symptoms immediately after consuming the allergen. In the case of peanuts, symptoms can include skin reactions like hives, redness, and swelling. People may also experience itching or tingling of the mouth and throat, as well as digestive problems like diarrhea, cramps, nausea, or vomiting.

Furthermore, tightening of the throat, shortness of breath or wheezing, and a runny nose can occur.

In severe cases, constriction of the airways will make it difficult to breathe. This is a complication called anaphylaxis, which also leads to a drop in blood pressure followed by dizziness, lightheadedness, and loss of consciousness. Anaphylaxis requires immediate medical attention and can lead to death.

What you should do

Belfonte has received no reports of illness related to the ice cream in this recall. People who are not allergic to peanuts can continue eating the product. But keeping something in your home that contains undeclared allergens might be risky for potential guests.

The company advises customers to return the Chocolate to Die For ice cream in the recall to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Furthermore, buyers can contact Belfonte with questions related to the recall. Full contact information is available in the press release at this link.

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