If there’s one thing that youth and car ownership bring together, it’s energy. The kind that can pour countless hours into a project at the drop of a hat. When you’re young, your schedule is way more open (even if you don’t realize it at the time). There’s some extra […]

Could any US residents tell me what is going on in this photo of a US roadway that I grabbed from a movie? In the screenshot below, the two lanes to the right and the two lanes to the left both have moving traffic but the car in the center […]

We have a 500 HP motor driven pump. Using a VFD powered from a 300Kw generator. The pump is operating at the lower end of the operating curve at 38Hz. The drive is showing 150 A at 38HZ. (119Kw) The generator has a Deep Sea engine controller which shows a […]

The man needs no introduction, and he is synonymous with the collector car hobby. With a car and motorcycle collection that covers over 140,000 square feet located at his Burbank, California, garage, Jay Leno is the “car guy’s car guy.” We recently had the opportunity to talk with Jay and […]

I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of radio communication. I only know these basic. We have music or speech as input to the microphone. This input is variation in air pressure making sound waves. The transmitter circuit has the ability to produce an electrical signal waveform with a time series […]

If oxygen on our planet is the production of vegetation and marine microbes to some extent in the greater part. where did the oxygen in water come from? also Mars had water at one time so it had oxygen so can we presume that Mars had plant life and possibly […]

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