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Allscripts to sell hospital and large physician practice assets

Constellation Software's N. Harris Computer Corporation could pay up to $700 million for the business segment, which includes the Sunrise, Paragon, TouchWorks, Opal and dbMotion tools...Read More

Gas average hits $5 a gallon in 5 SF Bay Area counties

The average price of a gallon of gas hit the $5 mark in five Bay Area counties for the first time ever Thursday, AAA said. Others are close...Read More

Major Bay Area-based tech company calls employees back to office

Google said Wednesday in an email to employees that its voluntary-work-from-home period, which has been in place for two years ago, will end April 4...Read More

On That New Villain Who Appears at the End of The Batman

Warning: This story contains spoilers for The Batman The Joker is back—again. In one of The Batman‘s final scenes, a foiled and jailed Riddler (Paul Dano) talks with an unseen figure in prison played by Barry Keoghan. Though brief,...

‘I Fear That History Will Repeat Itself.’ Syrians Express Solidarity With Ukraine After Russian Invasion

When Raed Al-Saleh first watched the video from Ukraine of an ambulance on fire and an injured paramedic lying on the ground, he immediately thought of his fallen colleagues in Syria. Al-Saleh is the leader of the White Helmets,...

U.S. Colleges, and Their Russian and Ukrainian Students, Are Caught Up In a Crisis

Amid calls to protect Ukrainian students in the U.S., some colleges are cutting ties with Russian schools and companies, and one lawmaker suggested expelling Russian students from the country...Read More

Historians on What Putin Gets Wrong About ‘Denazification’ in Ukraine

In seven days of fighting, Russia has launched hundreds of missiles into Ukraine, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reported Mar. 3 that about a million refugees have fled the country. The U.N. also reported there have...

Here Are the Biggest Companies Distancing Themselves From Russia

Oil majors and entertainment companies are among those limiting their relationships with Russia amid the Ukraine crisis...Read More

Sing Out Loud Word Play

AvailabilityVideo Visit Website Wordplay is an exciting program between American English, U.S. Department of State, American Music Abroad, and American Voices to bring music and lyrics into the English Language classrooms across the world...Read More

How to use habits to help you learn: 3 methods

Let me show you how you can trick yourself into learning more and learning faster. The three methods I’ll show you in this video use the power of habits to make your learning almost automatic. This applies to learning...
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