Canada’s Tax System: A Monstrous Labyrinth That Needs to Be Simplified

Commentary Do you have a grumpy accountant? If not, perhaps you don’t live in Canada. But if you do, you probably need one. You shouldn’t. I don’t just mean an accountant. But it’s incredibly hard to do your taxes without one. I mean a grumpy one. Because it’s incredibly hard to do your taxes even with one. So meet “George,” the fictional protagonist in Neil Winokur’s book called “The Grumpy Accountant,” and written by one. George and Winokur want to put themselves out of business. And here, as surprisingly often, it may be necessary to explain to Canadians that they are being ill-used. In this case because the tax system they take for granted, as part of the price we pay for living in a world-class country, is in fact a scandal. Like long waiting lists for medical procedures, the length of the tax code, complexity and instability of its …

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South Korea Innovation to Invest $4.3 Billion in US Battery Production With Ford Motor

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