Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Worsen Pennsylvania Nursing Home Staffing Crisis: Healthcare Association CEOUS News | The Epoch Times

While Pennsylvania nursing homes and long-term care facilities already face major staffing challenges, the federal vaccine mandate and a new state-proposed minimum staffing requirement could devastate the industry. President Joe Biden’s 100 percent vaccine mandate for healthcare workers is expected to throw thousands of employees out of a job, in an industry that has struggled to find workers in the last decade. Around 35 percent of Pennsylvania’s nursing home workforce is unvaccinated. That amounts to roughly 33,000 workers who would lose their jobs if they don’t get the shots, Zach Shamberg, CEO of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association told The Epoch Times in a phone interview. That only counts nursing home workers. Add thousands of more workers at assisted living communities, personal care homes, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. “The [Biden] administration has said, if we don’t terminate employees, it will withhold state and federal funding,” Shamberg said. “That is 80 percent …

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