As Tighter French-Language Laws Loom, Is It Time to Recognize Montreal as a City-State?

Commentary Now that the federal election is over, we Montrealers are turning our attention to the city’s mayoralty elections, scheduled for Nov 7. The two viable candidates are incumbent Valérie Plante of the Projet Montréal party and her predecessor Denis Coderre of Ensemble Montréal, who is seeking a comeback. Together their parties command 97 percent of the available seats. Nevertheless, despite the futility of his candidacy, I am intrigued by a newcomer to the municipal political fray, Balarama Holness of the recently created party Mouvement Montréal. Holness is a former football player with the Montreal Alouettes. Like Coderre, Holness resents the provincial government’s iron hold over tax revenues from Montreal, where two million Quebecers reside. Coderre would like to wrest more financial independence for the city via a half percentage of the goods and service tax, which he claims would add about $200 million to the city’s budget, presently largely dependent …

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Australia’s Antitrust Regulator Calls for More Powers to Combat Google’s Rein Over Ad Tech

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