A new way to Getaway

A new way to Getaway


At Getaway, the beauty is in the simplicity. These collections of small cabins are situated less than two hours from major cities but are surrounded by nature, striking the perfect balance between convenience and escape. 

I recently visited the newly opened location north of Seattle, in a beautiful region called the Skagit Valley. The black, rectangular cabins are set in a forested area about an hour and a half north of the city. Though the property is laid out similar to a campground—with campsites placed near each other in various drivable loops—the experience could not be more different.

Every campground I’ve been to is a loud mess of humanity where I get very little rest and privacy is hard to come by outside of the tent. At Getaway’s sites, solitude is central; neighbors are close by but almost entirely out of sight. Instead of a view of someone else’s camper or tent, my cabin’s massive window looked out over a huge cedar tree, a small creek, and a tangle of ferns.

My Getaway couldn’t have come at a better time. In the weeks leading up to the visit, I experienced a crush of life and work stress that I found hard to put down. I felt unable to relax, physically or emotionally.

The Getaway cabins are gorgeously minimalistic, with natural wood interiors that house a small kitchenette, bathroom, dining table, and a large, comfortable bed cozied up to the big picture window. For an entire weekend, I kept the window shades raised and read from the bed, occasionally looking up to watch squirrels and birds in the trees outside. While I did have cell service, there is no wifi at these campgrounds, a fact that made it easy to unplug. The cabins have a small phone “lockbox” for those who want to truly put down any and all technology during their stay.

Outside the cabins, there’s a picnic table, Adirondack chairs, and a fire ring. The cabins are stocked with firewood, s’mores kits, and a few basics like tea and coffee for purchase. The Skagit Valley property is close to hiking trails and explorable small towns, but it’s also possible to hole up in the cabin, like I did, and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you have the urge to get up and move, the property has a couple of short, forested hiking trails.

Staying at a Getaway property is barely roughing it—there’s also heat and air conditioning, hot water, and everything you need for light cooking and meal preparation both indoors and out. The showers are paired with plush bath towels, biodegradable soap, and shampoo and conditioner. The company also offers 15 percent discounts to members of the military, veterans, first responders, and health care professionals.

Currently, Getaway operates locations in Washington State, California, Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and more. There are new locations being built and certainly more are on the way—it’s no surprise that in today’s world of constant technology connectivity, travelers would seek out opportunities to get away, in more ways than one.

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