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Nintendo contractors report harsh working environment

A Nintendo of America contract employee was fired reportedly after mentioning unionization during a meeting. This incident allegedly led to a labor complaint that claims the gaming giant violated the NLRA.In an expose from Kotaku, following the case filing, 10 current and former employees spoke with the outlet, saying that they felt exploited at the…
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How to Draw Fitness Boundaries When Your Home Is Your Gym

These tips can help you define your line...Read More



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Google Ads New Inventory Packages for Ad Campaigns to Encourage Support of Media Diversity

Google has added a new way to help support minority-owned publishers, with the capacity to select ad placements on Latino and Women-owned publisher websites for Display & Video 360 campaigns. The options expand upon Google’s multicultural inventory indicators, which it added for Black-owned publishers last year, and will provide more ways for marketers to give…

Nicki Minaj Plays Coy About Potential Verzuz Battle With Lil Kim | Billboard News

Most Popular Disney CEO Bob Chapek Addresses Company's Response to Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill Camila Cabello Agreeing to Appear on TV Does Not Mean It's Okay to Share Photos of Her Wardrobe Malfunction New USC Football Coach Lincoln Riley Drops $17.2 Million on Glam Palos Verdes Estate Brittney Griner Drug Arrest in Russia Raises…

Friday’s top Spring Training prospect performers

3:34 AM UTCHere's a look at Friday’s top performers at Spring Training from each team's Top 30 Prospects list.Phillies: Bryson Stott, SS (MLB No. 45)Matt Vierling, OFStott continued his hot start this spring with two hits and a walk...

Robotech Board Game Fires Enormous Missile Barrage Into Kickstarter Funding Goal

The game’s box artImage: Minitech GamesIt has been nine years since I last wrote about a Robotech/Macross board game on this website, and I feel like that is far too long, so thankfully I’m getting the chance to revisit the subject with a new tabletop experience.This is the promising, if also cumbersomely-named Robotech Macross DOG…

A parent’s guide to playing Fortnite with your kids

Hi. My name is Jean, I’m 37 years old, and I play Fortnite. Sometimes it’s weird to admit that I play a video game known for its popularity with tweens and teenagers. But I love it for the same reason they do: it’s a solid shooter with unique gameplay mechanics and neverending ways to improve.…

How Ukraine Unplugged from Russia and Joined Europe’s Power Grid with Unprecedented Speed

On February 24 Ukraine’s electric grid operator disconnected the country’s power system from the larger Russian-operated network to which it had always been linked. The long-planned disconnection was meant to be a 72-hour trial proving that Ukraine could operate on its own. The test was a requirement for eventually linking with the European grid, which…

Snoop Dogg To Launch Death Row Streaming Platform

Back in February, Snoop Dogg became the owner of Death Row Records, the label that jumpstarted his career. The acquisition, though, led to several albums under Death Row being removed from streaming services, including Snoop’s Doggystyle and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.  In a recent interview with Drink Champs, the acclaimed rapper explained that he removed the Death…

4K vs. 1080p: Which resolution is right for you?

In the early days of TV, there weren’t many choices beyond the size of the set. Later, color vs. black and white became a consideration, which eventually gave way to cathode-ray tubes, LCD technology (which is still common today), plasma displays, and rear-projection for larger TVs. However, during this time, the dimensions and resolution of…

Tristan Thompson Allegedly Told Maralee Nichols He Was Engaged To Khloe Kardashian Amid Paternity...

The saga continues! Just when it seemed like Tristan Thompson’s name wasn’t in the headlines, he’s back again. New information about the ongoing lawsuit with Maralee Nicholas, the mother of his youngest child, Theo, has emerged, and the details are pretty interesting. Tristan is no stranger to doing anything he can to avoid Maralee, but…

Evan Fournier sets Knicks’ single-season 3-point record

Evan Fournier set the Knicks single-season record Wednesday at Spectrum Center held by John Starks by sinking four 3-pointers by late in the third quarter, giving him 218, in their 121-106 win over the Hornets in Charlotte, N.C...Read More
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