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What the Inventor of the Net Promoter Score Has Learned About Measuring Business Success

In 2003, I invented the Net Promoter score as a way to measure how well companies generate loyalty among customers. Almost...
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How to Draw Fitness Boundaries When Your Home Is Your Gym

These tips can help you define your line...Read More



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Medicare Beneficiaries Need More Help Navigating the Program, Experts Say

MedPage Today) -- More needs to be done to help Medicare beneficiaries -- especially low-income beneficiaries -- navigate their participation in the program, several experts said Friday. "Low-income Medicare beneficiaries navigate complex...Read More

Tonga’s historic volcanic eruption could help predict when tsunamis strike land

On January 15, the cataclysmic eruption of a submerged volcano in the South Pacific devastated the archipelagic nation of Tonga, unleashed tsunamis around the world, and created a sonic boom heard as far away as Alaska.  The blast was captured by a host of sensors located in land, sea, and sky. Two groups of scientists…

Are ‘Climate-Friendly’ Options on Restaurant Menus Coming Soon?

A new study finds many people are ready to consider the climate crisis in their everyday decisions, even when they just want to have a nice meal...Read More

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker: “I’ve rediscovered the joy of trying random chord shapes and...

Home Features (Image credit: Frank Hoensch/Redferns via Getty) Kevin Parker – the force behind the psychedelic groove machine that is Tame Impala – is well known for recording and mixing sublime sonic confections that blend both vintage and modern studio production gear. When it comes to recording guitars, though, his approach concerns itself with capturing…

Russia urges BRICS nations to integrate payment systems and cards

Finance minister says sanctions imposed after Ukraine invasion destroy foundation of existing system based on US dollar...Read More

Blood Type, Other Blood Proteins Implicated in COVID Severity

MedPage Today) -- Eleven blood markers, including the ABO protein that determines blood group, were implicated in severe COVID outcomes in a genomic analysis of clinical data. After examining more than 3,000 blood proteins against those found...Read More

Russia’s Ukraine invasion and space impacts: Live updates

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, starting a war whose impact has stretched into space, with satellites providing internet and intel and longstanding international relations in outer space shifting rapidly. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has received harsh criticism internationally from world leaders including U.S. President Joe Biden. With this invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin "has…

Honduras ex-president to be extradited to US next week: Official

Juan Orlando Hernandez, who was president from 2014 until January, is wanted on drug trafficking and weapons charges...Read More

Three Lessons From The French Presidential Election

Even if he didn’t win, Zemmour’s run illuminated some of the ways for non-elites to combat a system that’s rigged against them. The post Three Lessons From The French Presidential Election appeared first on The American Conservative...Read More

This week’s Dead Space remake stream is all about art

Including characters, lighting, and VFX You might not be in the habit of showing up for occasional behind-the-scenes Dead Space remake streams, but it might be worth your time to poke your head in later this week. The next developer stream — scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Pacific on Thursday, May 12 — will be a…
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