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AirPods: Buy now or wait?

We don’t have to explain why you might want AirPods. Apple’s take on true wireless earbuds revolutionized the market and have sold in massive numbers ever since. You see them in the ears of reporters, coworkers, and celebrities all the time—especially in our age of remote work and Zoom meetings. The real question is, should…
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How to Draw Fitness Boundaries When Your Home Is Your Gym

These tips can help you define your line...Read More



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Virgin Orbit is buying 2 more rocket-launching planes

Home News Spaceflight Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne rocket blasts its way toward space after separating from its carrier plane during the Launch Demo 2 mission on Jan. 17, 2021. (Image credit: Virgin Orbit) Virgin Orbit is buying two more planes that will help get satellites to the final frontier.The company, part of Richard Branson's Virgin Group,…

Coco Jones Returns To Music With “Caliber” As Remixes Conquer R&B This New Music Friday

This New Music Friday, remixes are making a strong comeback amid the plethora of new releases. With a wide range of newcomers—Ogi, Marzz, Eli Derby, Savannah Ré—gunning for center stage, there are others—Syd and Coco Jones—who’ve been in and out of the game for a minute and are ready to step back into the spotlight…

The Problem With Silicon Valley Medicine

MedPage Today) -- In this video, Rohin Francis, MBBS, reviews modern health trends and the dangers of unsupported medical claims. The following is a transcript of this video; note that errors are possible. Francis: There is so much that I...Read More

First Pitch: What’s wrong with the Red Sox? Everything and nothing

Everything is wrong with the Boston Red Sox, and yet nothing is wrong.It’s the first week of May, and the Boston Red Sox are terrible.They’re 10-16, failing at home and on the road, hovering...

I’d Rather Have a Cat than a Harem! Novel 1

It isn't always easy to find a light novel that takes the familiar tropes of a popular genre and bends them even a little. If you're getting weary of the reborn-as-an-otome-game-villainess subgenre of isekai but aren't quite ready to give up yet, then you're in luck: Cross Infinite World's release of Kosuzu Kobato's I'd Rather…

Mercedes reveals new F1 safety and medical cars for 2022 season

This year will see the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series serve as the official safety car for half of this season's races, as Mercedes continues to share duties with Aston Martin. The Black Series replaces the Mercedes-AMG GT...

Ozark Showrunner Reveals Who Jonah Really Shot in the Final Scene

Ozark' showrunner Chris Mundy clears up the fan theories once and for all...Read More

Spacewalking astronauts restore radiator, replace space station camera after wardrobe malfunction

Home News Spaceflight Two astronauts on a spacewalk completed several maintenance tasks outside of the International Space Station, despite getting off to a slow start due a wardrobe malfunction.NASA astronaut Raja Chari and Matthias Maurer with the European Space Agency (ESA) spent 6 hours and 54 minutes on Wednesday (March 23) performing a number of…

Boxing Management Company MTK Global Shuts Down over Ties to Daniel Kinahan

Ross Land/Getty ImagesMTK Global is shutting down its operations because of ongoing inquiries into its connection with Daniel Kinahan.The boxing management company said Wednesday in a statement it has "faced unprecedented levels of unfair scrutiny and criticism since the...

Washington Commanders connected to yet another big-name QB

The Washington Commanders are searching for their future at quarterback and it looks like they might have some interest in a talented and experienced option.As the Washington Commanders continue working on figuring out what they want to...
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