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Travis Barker Gets High-Flying Tattoo Tribute to Taylor Hawkins

"Hawk forever." Versace vest, Balenciaga and AD.iii necklaces. Christopher Patey Travis Barker‘s body is a roadmap of the influences and inspirations from the Blink-182 drummer’s life. And his newest ink is yet another nod to someone who meant a lot to him. On Wednesday (April 14), Barker posted a series of pics of his most…
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How to Draw Fitness Boundaries When Your Home Is Your Gym

These tips can help you define your line...Read More



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There Was Triumph at the Spirit Awards—But Also a Distressing Oscars Preview

The biggest applause I heard at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards went to Drive My Car. The Japanese drama directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi—which is nominated at the Oscars for best picture, following a historic campaign—met an ecstatic reaction from the moment it was mentioned among the nominees for best international feature. The crowd stood…

Research takes aim at social media influencers peddling unhealthy products

The Austrian researchers analysed the meals, snacks, and drinks that made an appearance in posts and videos by six of the most popular German-speaking influencers with teenagers aged 13-17 years, with a combined total of more than 35 million followers or subscribers.They found that 75% of the featured food and drinks were high in salt,…

This Love Is Blind Editing Error Has Fans Questioning Reality

Mallory and Sal's at-home date on Love Is Blind caused some confusion for fans, who pointed out that their stir fry magically appears, disappears and reappears in that matter of a minute."Love Is Blind" Stars Reveal Their Biggest REGRETSLove Is Blind may have a few magic tricks up its sleeve. In episode eight of the dating show's…

What is ‘Dirty Screen Effect?’ Welcome to the curse of the panel lottery

Dirty Screen Effect is a term and acronym often tossed around by TV reviewers and A/V forum enthusiasts as if everyone knows what it is. And, yet, very few folks have ever heard of it before. You may have...

‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’ Film Review: Anime Prequel Offers Solid Action for All Plus Easter...

It’s hard to know if the Japanese animated fantasy “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” might be a good entry point for anybody who hasn’t already either watched the recent anime series or read its battle shonen manga comic-book source material. This new feature-length prequel doesn’t deliver much more than what the anime series already has: a satisfying,…

WATCH: Jason Kelce’s live reaction to Eagles A.J. Brown trade was hilarious

WATCH: Kelce's live reaction to Brown trade was hilarious originally appeared on NBC Sports PhiladelphiaIf you ever needed any more confirmation that Jason Kelce is a true Philadelphian, his reaction to the Eagles' blockbuster Draft night trade for A.J....

Hoppy Easter! 22 of the Funniest, Coolest, Cuddliest and Creepiest Rabbits in Pop Culture

Outside of Easter and their duodecennial turn on the Chinese calendar, rabbits simply don’t get their due. Sure, some people keep them as pets, others enjoy them as dinner, but mostly they’re just nature’s fuzzy, floppy-eared little afterthoughts that like to procreate as much as possible. Except when it comes to pop culture. Movies, TV,…

Odd radio circles in space may come from black holes at their centres

Astronomers have taken the clearest images yet of "odd radio circles" – mysterious radio waves a million light years across – and they all seem to have central galaxies containing active supermassive black holes Space 22 March 2022 By Leah Crane We finally have a sharper image of one of the weirdest phenomena in space.…

Cocooned, dying stars may cause sudden, bright blasts that confound scientists

Home News Science & Astronomy Extremely fast cosmic explosions puzzling scientists may be outbursts arising from dying stars, new research suggests.Dubbed fast blue optical transients (FBOTs), because of their "blue" heat and very rapid evolution, only a handful of these outbursts have been recorded. (Astronomers often give them evocative nicknames, like "the Camel" or "the…
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