9 Hacks You Can Use to Tame Your Gray...

9 Hacks You Can Use to Tame Your Gray Hair and Look Stunning


The appearance of gray hair is an emotional moment in any woman’s life. At first, many women try to hide their gray hair in any way possible. But in the modern world, gray hair is no longer associated with old age. On the contrary, it has become trendy, so it’s important to learn to use your gray hair to your advantage.

We at Bright Side decided to find out the little things that women with gray hair should take into account to look as beautiful as ever.

9. Pay attention to the color of your eyebrows

If you have gray hair, it’s important to highlight your facial features to prevent your face from looking bleak. Well-groomed eyebrows can make you look very young. Of course, there are different tricks for different eyebrow types. If your eyebrows are naturally light, you should choose a light-gray or fair color. If you have darker skin and dark eyebrows, a cool brown hue is right for you.

8. Choose your clothes wisely

Gray hair is a good reason to reconsider your wardrobe and start wearing brighter colors. Of course, no matter what your hair color is, you should always wear clothes that look good with it, and gray hair is no exception. So, gray hair looks best with either classic colors (black and white), or something bolder — different saturated colors.

7. Use shampoos that neutralize the yellowness

To make your gray hair shine, it’s important to take good care of it. Special purple shampoos are the best choice because they neutralize the yellowness and help keep the color more true.

6. Use beauty products to make your hair smooth

The structure of gray hair changes naturally: the hair becomes more porous, fragile, and hard to tame. So, these changes may cast a shadow over your entire look: nobody looks good with dry, frizzy hair. But you can avoid this problem by using leave-in conditioners. They moisturize the hair, making it heavier, softer silkier, and easier to tame.

5. Wear less golden jewelry

Gold is not the best companion for gray hair because together, they create a bad contrast. By the way, the same is true for coral and amber. The good news is that there are still more metals and gems that go well with gray hair. Obviously silver, because of its similarity to gray, and rubies, emeralds, and amethysts, among others.

4. The right haircut

Not everyone likes short haircuts like pixies, but very long gray hair is not popular because it’s hard to make it look fresh and stylish.

The solution is simple: you can consider different variations of a bob or have a shoulder-length cut with more emphasis on layers and texture. A simple but elegant haircut together with healthy and well-tended hair will help you have an easier time loving and accepting the gray.

3. Try blending gray hair

When you fully dye your hair, it’s hard to keep track of the gray roots, and growing out colored hair also takes time. This is why you should try blending gray hair where the gray is kind of mixed with highlights and lowlights.

In this type of dying, there will be no clear color transitions, so you won’t have to dye your hair as often.

2. Try dying your hair silver to make it look more noble

If you want a full dye, then the best option would be to add ashy, silver, or platinum to your natural grays. This will help you to not look bleak, and make your hair brighter. Besides, if you dyed your hair a dark color before, and the roots have already grown in, you can try to mix the grays with the color in a gradient fashion.

1. Make your eyes brighter

Aside from the eyebrows, you should highlight the eyes too. Because even an eyeliner can make you look more expressive. And together with long and voluminous eyelashes, you can always forget all the worries about looking bleak.

If you’ve already had to deal with the acceptance of your own gray hair, tell us about how you tame it to look young and fresh!

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