5 Stylish Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

5 Stylish Ways to Keep Your Home Cool


Summer can be excruciatingly hot for most of the country. Thankfully, there are some stylish features you can add to your home that can help keep you cool—despite summer’s fury.

These are the top five ways design-conscious people can beat the heat and update their homes at the same time. Depending on your budget, you can bring home one cooling upgrade or even try them all.

1. Cool cooling fans

Desk and floor fans tend to be more industrious and less pleasant to look at. However, top interior decor experts now offer fans that are as refined as they are effective. Elle magazine complied a shopping guide with their top favorites, including a minimalist standing fan with real wood accents by Swan. There are also plenty of fans that are disguised as floor lamps, speakers, and other sophisticated decor.

Premium options by Dyson are stylish but also fall on the pricier end for cooling fans. Plus, their ultra-contemporary appearance isn’t for everyone. If you prefer to go classic, consider a retro-style metal fan with distinctly curved blades. You can even go bohemian with a standing fan that features earth tones and a subtle design that disguises its electronic functions.

2. Statement ceiling fans

Upgrade your ceiling fans to stay cool and give your air conditioner a break. Ceiling fans have joined the ranks of chandeliers and pendant lights and now feature sculptural, unique styling. For example, this unique fan by Kichler has a quirky, contemporary shape with sharp angles designed to both visually impress and cool you down.

Shop for fans with multiple speeds and even a handy remote so you can optimize comfort at a moment’s notice. Some fans are also compatible with smart home assistants, so you can activate your fan with vocal commands—no need to get out of your chair.

Note that there are different types of fans for outdoor use, like on patio ceilings. However, some fans are both indoor/outdoor friendly for areas like sunrooms. Do your research before you make a selection.

3. Sleek window tint

Besides installing a central cooling system, upgrading your windows is the best way to stay cool indoors. Tack on tint to any type of window to block hot, damaging UV rays—without eliminating pleasant, visible light. Seek out solar window tint for optimal light filtration and to improve energy efficiency.

Window tint can even improve your home’s curb appeal! Some tints are designed to look darker from the outside than inside—which is excellent for privacy as you let some UV-free light in—but also adds a touch of contemporary color. Try window tint that appears slightly blue or light gray to match your home’s façade or landscaping.

However, don’t seek out decorative tint alone; it doesn’t offer the same level of UV protection as solar tint. Also be aware that tint can void your windows’ warranty if they’re fairly new. If you need advice before selecting a product, talk to a local home renovation contractor first.

4. Modern window shades

Of course, if you’d rather block out the sun altogether, you can always hang window treatments like shades. Like blinds, shades hang directly in the window frame, so there’s no need to go through the hassle or expense of hanging curtain rods.

Plus, window shades are easy to remove or reinstall as the seasons change. After all, you may crave more warm sunlight in the cooler months. Because they’re hassle-free, they’re also a great choice for renters.

Woven wood window shades like these available at The Shade Store are stylish and neutral enough to match just about any room. Lower them manually to block hot sunlight during peak hours, then raise them to enjoy views of the outdoors.

5. Breathable linen furniture

There’s almost nothing worse than feeling hot indoors, even with the AC and fans running. The truth is, your furniture may make summer sweat feel even worse. Avoid decorating with hot fabrics like leather and synthetic materials, which trap heat and can lead to that unfortunate sticky feeling.

A superior alternative is linen, which is light, breathable, and ideal for warm rooms. Linen upholstery won’t trap your body heat or retain heat from sunlight. This material is available for all kinds of seating, like this accent chair by Wayfair. Best of all, neutral linens have a subtle texture that’s definitely in-style.

For a more affordable solution, try shopping for linen slipcovers. Use linen to cover up hard or non-breathable surfaces like lacquer or wood. They’ll stay soft and cool—plus most slipcovers are machine-washable. If you’re going to decorate with white upholstery, a low-maintenance linen slipcover may be the best option for you.

If you’re looking for stylish ways to stay cool this summer, try these tips before you crank up the AC. You can save money, reduce energy waste, and upgrade your interiors with refreshing style—all at the same time.

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